michael wollny trio - weltentraum

Aug 3, 2014
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

Check this track list first: Nacht (Alban Berg), Little Person (Jon Brion), Lasse! (Guillaume de Mauchaut), Fragment an sich I (Friedrich Nietzsche), In Heaven (Peter Ivers), Rufe in der horchenden Nacht (Paul Hindemith), Un grand sommeil noir (Edgar Varèse), God is a DJ (Pink) etc. 

To the young German jazz pianist Michael Wollny and his trio (Tim Lefebvre, upright bass, Eric Schaefer, drums) anything goes: from pop to very serious music, from the 14th century to ours. Michael Wollny is regarded as a musician who "knows no boundaries in his search for new jazz 'standards'". The new album Weltenraum makes no exception, Wollny takes a song as a starting point, and then starts to grow a tune on top of it, and does it in largely on a melodic plane.

"Not knowing any boundaries" is famously a risky business but as far as I'm concerned Wollny is able to go around the worst pitfalls. Most of the interpretations are quite pleasurable to the ear, sometimes a little harmless, and sometimes as if forming general patterns, but overall Wollny's and his trio's performance is of high standard, and the album provides many happy and engrossing listening moments. 


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