Music without meaning

Oct 17, 2014
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

Frustrating as Book Fairs are, with literally thousands of "read me" books depressing by bad consciousness, there's always something that rises above the rest of the supply.

As regards music, Helsinki Book Fair (23-26 October 2014) at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre offered, to mention just a few, delights such as Artie Music's cd's onto which the label has restored recordings of historical value. One such is Art Farmer and Heikki Sarmanto band's concert from 1970 at the very first Turku Jazz Festival; Art Farmer on trumpet, Heikki Sarmanto on piano, Ilkka Willman double bass, and Matti Koskiala on drums.

Founded in 2012 Aviador Kustannus publishes books on music, cultural and art history, chess, and other hobbies. Their latest publication is a translation (Otto Särkkä) of the biography of one of the greatest European Jazz musicians, Django Reinhardrt. The translated book is Noël Balen: Le génie vagabond from 2003.

Best of all, the publisher of philosophical books and periodicals Niin&Näin has translated Eduard Hanslick's Vom Musikalisch-Schönen (On Musical Beauty) into Finnish 160 years after its publication in 1854!

It's a groundbreaking work and perfectly topical even today. A healthy reminder for all those who hear the most astonishing meanings in music.

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