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Jan 22, 2015
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

A preliminary before getting to the issue of the day.

Recently there's been a growing interest in products that do something not to the amps, loudspeakers or whatever, but to what is left between the loudspeaker and the listener's ears; call it "air" of the listening room or what you like. These include various air harmonizer, ionizers, purifiers etc., and IPC also carries two: Acoustic EQ, and Acoustic Energizer. Both products are said to "effectively reduce energy loss during the transmission process, enabling sound transmission with high clarity over distance".

The thing I want to share with you, regarding such products, is that to the best of my knowledge, related hyphoteses are not studied just by "money-hungry" manufacturers of audio accessories but also by impartial and independent research institutes of a serious kind. So I wouldn't like, too hastily, to ignore the possibility that there might in fact be something to these "indirect causal mechanisms". My own experience is too sparse to say anything more.

IPC's Disc Purifier is said to treat the air nearby the CD player, but as the name indicates it's main job is to "purify" or treat the cd's, dvd's etc. As with all audio accessories like this, we're dealing with a three stage argument. The first (i) task is to get convinced that the product at hand in fact does do something the object, that a relevant mechanism of action exists, and that there is in fact an effect.

The second (ii) task would be to show that the effect concerns properties of the object that are relevant to how it "sounds"; and given (i) and (ii) is true (there's an effect and it's relevant to the sound) the third (iii) task is to evaluate if the effect is of such magnitude that it really matters in terms of the listening experience.

As to (i), I have no means to verify that the Disc Purifier actually does what's promised. I can see that the device blinks a few seconds after pressing the button, but of course I cannot see deeper down in the disc.

IPC is referring to its proprietary Euphoria Technology implemented in all of its products to "generate a prescribed and stable PVA Field (Proton Vibration Alignment Field), in which the vibration and movement of protons and electrons in all matter are so aligned that their physical properties are fundamentally enhanced". The technology is said to be based on quantum mechanics operating on the scale of picometers, i.e., picotechnology (10˜¹² m) .

Here's IPC:

"Once the disc has the induced field and is being excited by the laser of the player, the disc will produce the PVA field that aligns the entire signal path (conductors in A/V equipment) within 1 meter (3ft) of the disc player. Also, the disc will generate the PVA field that aligns the motions of gases and water molecules in the air. Once the micro-phase alignment is achieved, signal loss in equipment and energy loss of sound waves (music details) in air particles will be minimized." The result of this proton alignment of all molecules is said to be effective for 120 minutes.

Supposing the Disc Purifier actually does something to the protons and electrons of the disc etc., is the new micro-phase alignment relevant to how the disc "sounds"? Again I have no such knowlegde on the basis I could say: Yes. Here again I simply depend on the word given by the IPC. The word is that "the bass will be stronger and deeper with more detail due to less micro-phase cancellation in the sound transmission", and that "the audio will be richer in midrange, deeper in bass and more crystal clear in treble. The stereo image will be exceptionally precise with a 3-dimensional sound image. Vocals will become more energetic with dynamic details".

So I'm left with the (iii), ie. my ears to evaluate whether anything significant has happened to the sound of a disc after it's been treated with the Disc Purifier. The problem is that in experiments like this I'm not very good at trusting my "senses", I'm much better at doubting them. If the opposite would hold, I'd say that with some, not all, of the cd's that I tried there indeed was a change in the sound, and the change was such that certain elements in the sound (stage) settled down to where they better belonged, and that the treated sound overall was a tad more forgiving in the treble. No negative side effects. But since I cannot help myself, I cannot say or confirm these results. Instead I need to do what normally is done in reviews like this, ie. be dull and urge people to make their own experiments.

In addition to the Disc Purifer, IPC sports LP Energizer, and a Power Conditioner both with the same promise.


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