Edward Munch's Dance of Life

Feb 1, 2015
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

One of the major visual artists in Northern Europe of the 20th century, Edvard Munch's 35 works, including the famous Dance of Life were exhibited at Didrichsen Art Museum from September 2014 until Feb 1, 2015.

The exhibition came mainly from the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, with complementing works from Nasjonalmuseum, Oslo, Göteborg Art Museum, Thielska Galleriet, Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde, Turku Art Museum and the National Gallery Ateneum in Helsinki.
The majority of the works were from so called Stenersen collection in the Munch Museum. Rolf Stenersen was an art collector who supported Edvard Munch and acquired a large amount of the artist´s paintings.

The collection of the Didrichsen Art Museum consists of Finnish art from the 20th century among others Edelfelt, Cawén, Schjerfbeck, Särestöniemi, Linnovaara, Hiltunen and Pullinen. In the modern international art collection there are works by: Picasso, Kandinsky, Miró, Léger, Moore, Giacometti and Arp.

Finland's only Pre-Columbian art collection is situated in the basement of the Museum where one also can find the Oriental art. Pre-Columbian art represents complex and highly developed American Indian cultures in Mesoamerica and the Andean area of South America from 2000 B.C. to the 14th century A.D. (Olmec, Jalisco, Colima and Maya).
The oriental art collection is dominated by Chinese art from the Shang-dynasty (abt 1500-1028) B.C. to the Ming-dynasty (1368-1644). The collection also includes art from the Far and Near East.


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