Stockholm High End 2015 - selected highlights

Mar 5, 2015
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

Stockholm High End Show 2015 was held 7-8 February. Here are some high points of the Show. Above is the new Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 from Sweden seen from the rear side, with six ceramic woofers. The speaker was driven by Analog Domain amps.   

Two speakers in one: Northnuace Variante from Finland. A switch at the bottom allows using the speaker as a crossoverless widebander or a cleverly filtered 3-way, the former for certain acoustic music, the latter for certain studio porductions, as an example. The amps by Mastersound.

Line Magnetic LM 501 IA with a golden facade delivers 2x100 watts from its pair of KT120 at the power stage.  The happy speaker is a beauty from Italy: Diapason Adamantes. 

Fabulous Focal Stella Utopia SM loudspeakers in the command of Pass Labs Xs300 monoblocks and Xs Preamp, the source: dCS Vivaldi.

Pass Labs Xs300: 300W in Class A and 280kg per side. 

Part of dCS Vivaldi's four chassis digital player.

Mighty vintage Whaferdales here with matching Plinius amplification. 

G Lab Design Fidelity's architectural The Block amplifier from Poland: 2 x 5,5W from a pair of E34L, 2 x 6N6P at the input. 

A show stopper: D'Agostino Momentum preamplifier. 

Farthers of The Lars 300B power amplifier Engström & Engström demoed their new Monica preamplifier. 

Tannoy Prestige hooked to The Lars Continuum II mono blocks. 

An amazing set of Nagra electronics. 

Designed by Mark Levinson, Daniel Hertz M1 speakers feature a HF horn, a 12" mid-woofer, and an 18" woofer.  

Goldnote Bellagio Reference in how many layers?

 Rui Borges TT with the SAT Pickup Arm by Swedish Analog Technologies.

A new DAC by one of the leading companies in the field, MSB.

The speaker is Advance Acoustic's X-L 1000, a 80kg (each) 3-way with 98dB sensitivity. Drivers: a ported 31cm woofer (a cellulose pulp membrane), a 20 cm midrange unit (a cellulose pulp membrane)  is in a closed cabinet, and a ribbon tweeter (12,5 x 3,5 cm) with a néodymium magnet. The tweeter sports 3 position level adjustment.  

Vianna Acoustics Listz QRS & Mist, both run by a Burmester power amplifier. 

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