Vivo - A New Widebandwidth Loudspeaker from Estonia

Apr 11, 2015
Extra: Kari Nevalainen

Single unit widebandwidth speakers keep strong. A new series of widebandwidth speakers come from Estonia and is called Vivo.

Vivos are developed as a combined effort by Audes from Estonia, B.A.C.H. from Switzerland and TCG Handels GmbH from Germany. The producttion takes place at Audes factory in Estonia.

The 10 inch unit with no filter whatsoever and with an extra cone for extended treble comes from Audio Nirvana (USA): Super 10" Cast Frame (OEM version of it).

As an example, the frequency response of Vivo VS-20 is said to be 45Hz-20kHz, sensitivity 99dB, weight 23 kg, dimensions 98x30x32 cm. The recommended amplifier power from 3W to 15W.

Finishing with a variety of plywood.

The price of Viso VS-20 in Europe is 2600 euro per pair.


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